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Successful Transitions

Assisting Students With Disabilities Achieve Their Future Goals

Unfortunately for individuals with disabilities, there is often a gap in the services offered by the school and those offered by adult service agencies. Sometimes students don’t feel ready for the stage of life after high school. Without guidance and counseling, many of these students and their families may not know about the services available to them, or they may not apply in time to allow for a smooth transition.

Successful Transitions is a program in partnership with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC), designed to assist EVSC students with disabilities as they transition from high school to adult life.Buckets

Specially-trained staff members meet with the counselors, parents, and program participants to plan for their future. Our program goal is to ensure that students transition from high school special education programs into their adult life with minimal delay or interruption. In the past, individuals with disabilities were forced to remain at home, losing vital skills they had learned during their educational experience.

Successful Transitions seeks to increase the parental/family involvement, which informs the student and his or her family members of the services and choices available.

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To learn more about Successful Transitions and the program’s services,
please contact Kelly Barnett at (812) 428-4500 ext. 378.

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