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Preschool Programs

The Evansville ARC Child Life Center holds a long-standing partnership with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation to offer inclusive and therapeutic preschool services. Children from three to five years of age who have been identified by the school corporation as having special needs may qualify for services.

Services the school corporation provides at our center may include inclusive or therapeutic preschool services and/or speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy, psychological services, and transportation. At our center, the instructors for our three, four and five year-old children are Indiana-licensed teachers with extensive experience in child development and early childhood education. The center currently has the ability to enroll 45 children in this program.

Preschool KidsInclusive Preschool

The Child Life Center provides children with special needs and typically developing children an opportunity to work, play and interact in a regular classroom setting. Accommodations and modifications are developed and implemented for children with special needs in order for them to be successful.

Children both with and without special needs benefit from an inclusive preschool program. Typically developing children learn to have understanding and acceptance for children with differing abilities. Children with special needs view typically developing children as role models and motivators to develop skills that are challenging.

Therapeutic PreschoolTherapeutic Preschool

The Child Life Center offers a Therapeutic Preschool program for children with special needs. Specially trained instructors work with each child on an individual basis, according to his or her developmental needs. This program’s child to staff ratio is smaller than the inclusive preschool program’s.

Placement decisions for children qualifying for special needs services are determined by a child’s case conference committee.

For more information regarding Evansville ARC’s Inclusive and Therapeutic Preschool programs please call Laurie Seals at (812) 428-5433.

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