Evansville ARC - Independent Lives for People with Disabilities

Our OrganizationFaces of ARC

Since 1954, Evansville ARC has been an evolving not-for-profit organization providing services to children and adults with disabilities in a variety of programs and locations in Vanderburgh County.

Founded by parents, Evansville ARC continues to be a lifeline for families. The original group of parents would hardly recognize Evansville ARC today as the same organization they struggled to begin over fifty years ago. Evansville ARC has become a leader in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. Through its variety of services and programs, a staff of over 200 persons works with and advocates for over 1,000 children and adults from age six weeks through ninety years.

Our Mission

To advance the value of and respect for all individuals with disabilities by providing opportunities for development, employment, and independence.

Our Vision

Evansville ARC is a recognized leader in creating a community in which individuals with disabilities are valued for their contributions as citizens.

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